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First HYPERSCAPES GOLF CLUB x NICKLAUS DESIGN course built on topography of rewilded Scottish landscape.

Conceptual Design of Fully Formed 3D Landscape

Conceptual design for the 3D landscape

Your Exclusive Access to the First World-Class Golf Club in the Metaverse

Developed by Hyperscapes GC and crafted by Nicklaus Design, Rocabarra Cliffs is the metaverse's premier golf course and members-only golf club.

This is a community for golf enthusiasts who want it all:

// an expertly crafted virtual-only golf course,

// playable from anywhere in the world,

// stunning 3D landscapes,

// a community of forward-thinking golfers who value privacy & exclusivity,

// top-tier club services.

Together with Nicklaus Design, we are embarking on a journey that will redefine the boundaries of golfing experiences in the metaverse. Early-access to Rocabarra Cliffs is available through the purchase of one of our 30 Founding Memberships.

Preliminary Routing Plan

Preliminary Routing Plan


Merging Physical & VR Golf Design

"Over the years, we’ve built on the traditions of our founder, Jack Nicklaus, to design more than 435 golf courses on six continents, reflecting almost every style of course design on a wide variety of sites – many in places that had never seen a modern golf course. We now bring that unprecedented, real-world expertise to the virtual world."

Nicklaus Design Logo

Phil Cotton

CEO, Nicklaus Companies

The purely virtual 18-hole course is being designed using a unique blend of procedural and bespoke processes.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Every facet of our virtual-only golf course receives meticulous attention, mirroring the exceptional level of dedication that characterizes the creation of physical Nicklaus Design masterpieces. This includes routing plans, VR site visits, careful planning of the course layout, and shaping the terrain to perfection.

Built on the Digital Twin of a Real-World Terrain

The golf design process unfolds atop a digital twin of the terrain, utilizing LIDAR data, high-definition aerial photography, and Digital Terrain Maps. The actual golf design commences with a hand-drawn preliminary routing plan, similarly to physical Nicklaus golf course projects.

The golf design team is led by Chad Goetz, Senior Design Associate at Nicklaus Design and member of the prestigious American Golf Course Architects Society, who will oversee all aspects of the design process.

Stunning Photorealistic Playing Experience

Whether it's exploring breathtaking terrains inaccessible in the physical world or reliving the charm of landscapes that have vanished with time, our expertise in photorealistic 3D sceneries ensures an immersive and visually stunning playing experience.

Areal Views of Terrain

Shieldaig peninsula aerial views & heightmap


The Terrain

"The location is truly superb, on the edge of Loch Shieldaig, the continuation of Loch Torridon. The peninsula features breathtaking views to the Loch and surrounding mountainsides. Its dramatic rocky landforms and extensive shoreline provide an ideal canvas for a unique and exciting golf experience that will translate well to the virtual world."

Nicklaus Design Logo

Chad Goetz

Senior Design Associate, Nicklaus Design

In the quest for the ideal terrain to craft a golfing masterpiece on, Chad Goetz has selected a one square mile peninsula nestled along Scotland's Western coast, near the city of Shieldaig. This terrain lays the foundation for our virtual golf course, Rocabarra Cliffs.

A Tribute to Golf's Rich Heritage

The choice of this Scottish locale serves as an eloquent homage to the sport's storied history. Scotland, widely recognized as the birthplace of golf, has nurtured centuries-old traditions that continue shaping the game we revere today.

Pioneering Virtual Rewilding Initiative

With the guidance of the world's foremost experts in the archaeology of the Caledonian pinewood, the project embarks on a transformative journey restoring the terrain to its pristine state as it existed prior to human intervention. Visitors of the 3D scenery will experience a Scotland that once existed and is gone now, in a historically accurate and stunning form.

The culmination of our efforts will be an immersive golfing experience that seamlessly integrates with the timeless beauty of a natural landscape that predates human intervention.

Conceptual Design of 3D Landscape

Preliminary conceptual design for 3D landscape


Rocabarra Cliffs Memberships

Rocabarra Cliffs Memberships provide access to visit and play the virtual-only Nicklaus Design course, and benefit from Member services like in traditional golf clubs:

// Exclusive Playing and Invitation Rights: Only 300 Rocabarra Cliffs Members and their guests will ever play on the token-gated golf course.

// Witness the Golf Design Process: Members get the chance to follow the Nicklaus Design process - witness how the terrain transforms, experience our virtual site visits.

// Reciprocity Agreements: Any new Hyperscapes golf course will be playable by Rocabarra Cliffs Members, progressively enriching the Member experience.

// Concierge Service: As with top-tier physical golf clubs, Members have access to a concierge service before, during, and after their playing on Rocabarra Cliffs.

No more than 300 Memberships will be released, a level of exclusivity on par with the most prestigious golf communities in the world.

The initial 30 Rocabarra Cliffs Memberships will be reserved to Founding Members.

"Our metaverse golf club will rival any physical membership golf community around the world."

Gabor Tankovics

Gabor Tankovics

CEO, Hyperscapes Golf Club
Design session on Preliminary Routing Plan

Design session on Preliminary Routing Plan


Exclusive Founding Member Benefits

Designation as a Founding Member is the rarest and most rewarding Membership level at Rocabarra Cliffs. Like traditional founder memberships in newly developed golf facilities, the Founding Members Program will reward those who play an important part in the club's story from the very beginning.

From the 300 total Rocabarra Cliffs Memberships only 30 are Founding Memberships.

Exclusive Founding Member benefits include:

// Assist the Golf Design Process From The Start

Follow the entire golf design process from the earliest stages, interact with the golf design team - an opportunity never before offered to physical golf club members.

// Perpetual Exemption from Maintenance Fees

As a recognition for being part of our community from the very beginning, Founding Members will be exempt of yearly maintenance fees, forever.

// Priority and 20% Discount in Future Offerings

Founders have the first right to select and a 20% discount on any future Hyperscapes GC offering.

// Inspiring Lifetime Recognition

In celebration of your commitment to help shape this unparalleled golf community, a plaque will be placed in the upcoming metaverse clubhouse recognizing you as a Founding Member.

// Founding Member-exclusive Events

In-person Founding Member-only events will structure the club's life.

// Buy-back Guarantee

With the firm belief that you will be gratified by your decision to purchase a Founding Membership, Hyperscapes GC offers an unprecedented Buy-back Guarantee: If the golf course is not playable 12 months from the day you purchase your Membership, Hyperscapes GC will buy back your Membership at the original purchase price upon your request.

Further benefits and partnerships will be announced shortly.

Conceptual Design of Base 3D Landscape

Conceptual design for the base landscape layer


Be Part of the Story

Founding Membership  •  30/300

Founding Memberships are now available for pre-order.

To gain more information about pricing and the process of becoming a Founding Member, please share your contact information and questions below.